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The use of glass in hospitals provides the very best conditions in terms of design and hygiene glass is very suitable for use in sensitive areas thanks to the large surfaces, its ability to be backlit and extremely appealing designs. With its glass solutions, Getinge continues to build on its proven modular structure, thus ensuring compatibility with existing room systems.

Technical Details

The frameless glass elements are made of thermally toughened single-pane safety glass (SSG).

Design Features

Glass offers a high level of design options due to the individual choice of colors and motifs for glass and the possibility to backlit the elements.

Technical Structure

The frameless glass elements are made of thermally toughened single-pane safety glass (SSG). They are fastened to the substructure with the aid of support profiles. All joints are optically and hygienically caulked with sealing tape and exchangeable joint profiles.

The glass wall system is resistant against extreme temperature fluctuations and is particularly resistant against impacts and bumps.

Features of the glass wall panels

  • Hygienic large surface of the glass is emphasized by the one-section wall panels, 
  • Optical trinity of the system is maintained but adapted to the glass material, 
  • Rear printing of the images is possible using a digital printing method (Images can be selected from the VARIOP Design Tool).

Technical Structure


It is possible to combine elements with existing VARIOP components, such as the substructure, ceiling and door systems. The glass wall panel can be mounted on the standard VARIOP substructure. In this way, individual glass wall panels can be replaced as required. All of the advantages afforded by the VARIOP system, such as modularity of the substructure and the extendibility of all components are therefore consistently extended to the glass wall system.

Design Features

Glass creates an appealing atmosphere and a pleasant working environment. The glass wall system offers a variety of design and backlighting options. The glass elements can, for example, be printed or backlit. These design aspects have a positive effect on the well-being of the patients as well as the staff.

Coated in one color or rear-printed, without backlightingVersion 1 – Coated in one color or rear-printed, without backlighting

Individually printed glass wall elements provide a friendly atmosphere. Various colors and the use of imagery can optically separate functional areas. To select the images, the customer can make use of the web-based VARIOP design tool:

Coated in two colors (Installation element), without backlightingVersion 2 – Coated in two colors (Installation element), without backlighting

The glass elements are also available in two-color coating. This enables the installation element of the VARIOP system to be optically integrated. The color highlighted switches, sockets and terminal units provide an appealing appearance and also contribute to improved orientation within the room.

Coated in one color, with backlightingVersion 3 – Coated in one color, with backlighting

Semi-coated glass elements with a transparent section that can be backlit using high-performance LEDs, generate an appealing atmosphere in the room, thus contributing to a better working atmosphere. Every room can be lit with various colors that suit the respective working environment. The color of the LED light can be used, for instance, to simulate daylight or provide optimum conditions for endoscopic surgery.